So You Need More Traffic For Your Website?

Why backlinks are (or not) the weapon to snatch the free search engine traffic for your website?

By John, CEO of

Imagine your exact reaction when your website attracts thousands of laser targeted visitors from search engines daily. As you already know that even a below average website can produce great richness when getting good traffic, possibilities for your website are endless because you have clearly shown your care and seriousness towards your website by coming to this page. I can see you ask me that you have tried endless methods to drive traffic but none of them managed to increase your website traffic. Well, as every word from this page travels to your mind you'll discover the source for endless traffic waiting for you to harvest, enjoy and, smile your way to the bank.

  • Website Owner.
  • Blogger,
  • Article Marketer, or
  • Affiliate Marketer

........In 2 minutes, you're going to be in a position from where you can decide and drive as much targeted traffic as you want and whenever you want. Have you ever wondered why most of the website owners keep failing when it comes to attracting the targeted traffic; Let's face another harsh reality that there are only 2 ways to drive traffic to your website:

  • Online advertising that involves high costs that 99% website owners can't afford.
  • Search engine traffic that involves building backlinks that is tedious and can take years when in a competing market to rank.

You're absolutely right thinking that both of these ways are out of the reach of website owners imposing either money factor or time factor. But I would like to draw your attention to a rarely discussed fact that if it's so tough then how others succeed driving huge traffic when starting months or even years after you started your online journey? Relax, the answer is quite simple that these very few and selected group of website owners know something that you don't. I'm going to reveal that in a moment to you... Listen closely. You can hire the best graphic designer for your website and can use the best platform for it...Heck, you may even provide the best product and/or service in your industry but all this won't matter a thing unless your website is visited by real interested people because these are the people who take out their credit cards and spend their hard earned money to enjoy what you're providing. Therefore, it's your work to make it as easy for your prospects to find you on internet as possible. Listen closely. You can hire the best graphic designer for your website and can use the best platform for it...Heck, you may even provide the best product and/or service in your industry but all this won't matter a thing unless your website is visited by real interested people because these are the people who take out their credit cards and spend their hard earned money to enjoy what you're providing. Therefore, it's your work to make it as easy for your prospects to find you on internet as possible.

You're ready for success, aren't you? Good!

The Secret Revealed!

Obviously, there is only one solution to your problem of not getting desired traffic and that solution is finding a way that sits in between the above 2 situations. That means a way that is not as costly as online advertising and not as time consuming as building backlinks to rank higher is search engine rankings. You know what I mean..don't you? Okay, this way of attracting traffic is known as - "Backlinks on Automation".

A backlink is a link on any other website other than your website that’s when clicked makes the visitor come to your website. For a search engine, a backlink is a vote to your website from other websites. It shows that your website is being talked about at many places and that means your website is popular and must be given a higher position in search rankings. You’re right, it’s the same as our seeing someone as popular based on how much he’s talked about. This is the reason that search engines give a better rank to a website having 1,000 backlinks comparing to a website with only 100 backlinks. As a result, the website with 1,000 backlinks ranks higher in search results and attracts more targeted traffic from search engines.

Now, if you’re feeling, "Oh, that's where rubber meets the road as that's the tough part!" then don't panic as I promised you that it all would be painless for you and will be served to you on a silver platter. Ok, ok...before moving ahead, let me secretly speak into your ear that you will never need to know anything technical about using any software, maintaining server or even searching for the places to get the backlinks from and your website will never get any negative results using it. Feeling a little eased now? Fine, we could move further now.

You Can Do It Yourself too.

As you've read so far, it is clear to you now that the only possible solution for you to attract laser target traffic is by using an automated product to build loads of backlinks in no time! The best automated application/software available to build these backlinks automatically is Xrumer. Depending on the nature of your specialization, chances are that you've already heard of it. And if you haven't heard of it and thinking, "Hey, I could buy Xrumer and start building automated backlinks today!" You're absolutely right but before you go on buying Xrumer, let me tell you other factors as well that play a major role.

Using Xrumer Yourself:

  • Xrumer Software - $590 plus $10/month.
  • High Cost of Dedicated Servers - Xrumer needs dedicated servers to run costing anywhere between $300-$400/month.
  • High Cost of Proxies - Xrumer needs fresh proxies (ip addresses) to make it possible creating thousands of backlinks. Cost $250-$300/month.
  • High Speed Internet Connection 500 mbps - $100
  • Database of thousand of websites to place your backlinks - An Expert's Work: Priceless!
  • Changing the Xrumer software so that backlinks stay alive - An Expert's Work: Priceless!

That amounts to about $ 1,400 today and $810 per month. And still in the absence of fresh database of websites and not being able to change the Xrumer to suit your needs, it will be of no use to your business to use Xrumer yourself. As you're an expert in your field of business, you agree that you would like someone helping you with all this and even better do all this for you so you can concentrate on your business avoiding the learning curve and headache of using Xrumer to drive truckload of targeted traffic to your website. Since your results need to justify the results produced, this is the point where I'd like to take the honor of presenting you with my service.....

Introducing: Automated XRumer Service Exclusively For Hands-Free Backlinks Building

My name is John. I started my career in internet marketing 5 years ago as an affiliate marketer. I started using Xrumer 3 years back for my own websites and went through making various adjustments with the Xrumer to serve my needs to drive laser targeted traffic. After about 7 months of trying, testing and thousands of dollars cost, I realized that I started getting mouth-watering traffic from the backlinks I created. From my past experience with internet marketing, I also formulated a way to create fresh databases of thousands of forums to create backlinks from. Since I had 4 websites, it took me no time rank them on the first page of the Google and I still had a lot of resources left with me so I decided to offer it as a service for the people who don't want to learn using Xrumer the hard way as I did and still want to reap all the benefits of using Xrumer for their online business. To my surprise, my automated Xrumer service has been welcomed warmly by entrepreneurs like you. In the last 2 years of providing automated Xrumer backlinks service, I have served to more than 4,000 websites around and across the globe helping them rank higher in the search engines and literally crushing the competition.

"I don't typically leave feedback because the services aren't that good. But this is probably the BEST Xrumer service I've EVER seen! The op was professional, nice, and his service was super duper. A+++" bobblylove321, bhw member

Pull up a chair and hear me out: These are just a few of benefits that your online business deserves to get from my service (I'll tell you later how you can get my service for a fraction of price instead of investing big bucks and doing it all yourself

  • No Learning Curve For You :Just think about getting all the benefits of using world's most powerful backlinks software without even buying it as I'll be doing all the work for you.
  • Visible Effects :Soon after using the service, you'll start seeing the backlinks pushing traffic and higher search engine rankings to your website.
  • Branding Your Business :Imagine the freedom of being in full control of what is being talked about your website on internet by specifically providing the anchor keywords for your backlinks. (This one is so cool that you can brand your website the way you wish!)
  • Equally Good For New Websites :Think about creating a website today and seeing hundreds of visitors in a matter of few days!
  • Do-Follow Links :You don't need to worry at all if the links you'll get will help in search engine ranking or not as almost all of my backlinks are do-follow.
  • No Negative Effect :As thousands of backlinks take about 4 weeks to be indexed by search engines, there is no reason to worry about any negative aspect of using my services. Not Even One out of the 4,000 websites I created backlinks for got banned by search engines.
  • Biggest Database of Websites :My biggest database of websites will ensure link diversity in your backlinks so you'll always get backlinks from new websites.
  • Unlimited Websites and Keywords Allowed :I understand that you've invested time and money doing your keyword research and have more than one keyword to promote and rank for. You can also have more than one website to promote that's why I put no limit to the number of keywords and websites that can be promoted with my backlinks service.
  • New Opportunities :Imagine what increased traffic and high search engine rankings can do for your business. More sales? That's true but not all as with an increase in traffic, alexia rank of your website will get better as well and that could even open the doors for new joint venture proposals from others or even your competitors. It's Awesome!
  • Not Time Consuming :Since the purpose of this service is to fill the gap between time and costs involved with getting traffic, your backlinks will be created within 24-48 hours while you're handling other important aspects of your business.
  • Full Report Of your Backlinks :I'll send the report containing the url of the verified, do-follow and live backlinks created for your website within 24-48 hours. You can use these urls to ping your backlinks or even create RSS feeds.
"Within 24 hours of ordering this service, my anchor text for the keyword went from position 7 on first page to position 3 on first page. For those that don't know: Top 3 positions on the 1st page of Google get 90% of the traffic. Another one of my keywords went from position 10 (first page) to position 7 (first page), and my 3rd keyword went from position 5 (first page) to position 4 (first page). Remember this was after only 24 hours! Google has not even indexed 90% of the links! Highly Recommended Service!" bobblylove321, bhw member
"24 hours after I placed the order, it was completed. Very nice indeed!!! My Squidoo Lens was not in the top 50 pages of Google for the keyword phrase and was getting ZERO traffic. 3 days after the XR submission, my Lens is # 7 in Google and starting to get traffic. In Yahoo it's now # 2. The number of websites in a broad keyword search is 5.4 million. Very happy with this service indeed. I will be ordering again. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!" moneymoguls, bhw member
Time for another review. So it has been almost 3 weeks since the campaign from Like I promised I am here to update you on matters regarding serp. First of all never in my life have I ever seen true results like this time. I have gone several times higher in ranks for very competitive keywords & reached the top 3 position for several other keywords. You know I would like to tell you guys who are reading this something about backlinks. I have had my fair share of buying links but NEVER HAVE I ever seen any of those links being displayed by google as backlinks to the original site (can be checked by querying link:yourdomaingoeshere) . For some reason google frowns about commented backlinks or whatever the case it my in experience never or rarely will show these links with the link: query. Not that it has a direct consequence on ranking but THIS SHOWS THAT WE ARE DOING SOMETHING RIGHT HERE. Hence GOOGLE likes service! I ain't kidding fellows. I love this guy honestly. The best there is! Not a liar , Not a cheat! I uphold my Endorsement for all time to come!" denisrud BHW member

Here is what you won’t be getting:

  • Any software to download :Since I’ll be doing all the backlink building work for you, you won’t need to download anything on your computer.
  • Broken Link :I verify every backlink created for your website, therefore, only live and working backlinks will be shown in the report you’ll get. And you’ll only pay for these working backlinks.

Who doesn’t love more reasons to invest in profits?

I know you do! That’s why I am going to give you the best reason now so that you can even close your eyes and go ahead to use my service. Would you go to a doctor for treatment if she herself is sick all the time? Would you buy my service when I promise to boost your traffic and my own website is not getting good traffic? Exactly! So here are the stats for my own website:

Click on screenshot below to see how traffic increased for my own site

from 300-400 visitors/day to 4000 visitors/day!!!


You know very well now that if I can do this to my website, I can surely do it for you as well. You just have to contact and instruct me how quickly you want to be served.

How much valuable all this is for your business?

Back when I started my online business 5 years ago if someone had offered me this Xrumer service cutting the cost of acquiring the knowledge, Xrumer, other resources and most importantly saving my years of time and frustration, I would have happily paid him $5,000 to $7,000 depending on the number of backlinks I buy to make my websites rank at the first page of the search engines generating daily sales. But what about you? How do you look at this service when you can still get it? Although at first, it may seem like a huge money to pay for the service but think about when the product and service you’re providing is worth much more than that and is in high demand. Well, you can bring back that cost in just 2-3 days and whatever comes after that is pure profit.

I placed an order for 10k links on 7/14/10. Used 4 anchor texts, several names and several post title/content to better my odds. The best part: My site was stuck at #6 and #7 in google for its two main terms that are medium/high competition. After this blast I went to position #2 for both terms in about a week. Well worth the small invest ladies and gentleman." captainsmack, bhw member

As you know that current cost of building backlinks using the Xrumer yourself right now is $1,400 and then $810 per month (plus making changes in Xrumer and building huge database of websites), you understand the value you’re going to get out of using my Xrumer backlinks service but I’m not going to ask you any amount near $1,400 as I realize that every online entrepreneur is not an established and most of them are just starting out. I wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to use my services that’s why I’ve created different packages that you can choose based on your needs. You don’t have to order now but consider instant boost in your website traffic if you do…

  • 10000 verified forum posts only $45
  • 20000 verified forum posts only $75
  • 50000 verified forum posts only $120
  • 100'000 verified forum posts only $200
  • 1000 PR3+ Posts only $29 (PR is for domain)
  • 5000 verified forum posts only $29


Package size

Now is the time for even better news for you. You’ll also get 15% extra backlinks on your ordered package. But that’s not all, I’m even going to offer you FREE profile links with your forum posts packages. It couldn’t get any better so inject the power of my automated Xrumer backlinks service to your business now!

"Very impressive service. Ordered 5k got around 7 k. Checked few random links all r good. Gonna use on regular basis." DinoG, bhw member

Stop & Read The Most Important Aspect:

As you realize the importance of this powerful service and can certainly feel the difference it would make to the way your online business performs; I’d like to bring something to your attention. It’s true that this service and all of the packages offered are of great value to you and you want to order but I can not guarantee that you’ll be able to secure the package you desire when you decide to buy. Why? Because I’m accepting very limited orders each month to maintain the quality of work I provide to business people like you. I’m accepting only 53 orders per month and it’s not known how many packages are left now because it depends on when you’re reading it so I’d like you to take the decision now to secure your spot while you still can.

Imagine being able to try out a product without any risk. Now it's a reality! Yes, you heard me right as all of the offered packages come with a unique guarantee. If you don’t get your report containing the urls of the backlinks created for your website within 72 hours, just ask for a full refund, no questions asked to you ever! Because report means your backlinks have been successfully created and you can also verify these backlinks by visiting the urls included in the report file so this guarantee means – You Risk Nothing! Period.
REVIEW: I Purchased 10,000 profiles yesterday. Communication: perfect. i.e.: no longwinded pms and emails to each other. i payed he emailed a simple spreadsheet to complete and 12 hours later I got a report. Quality: spot on, i checked everylink though scrapebox and most are quality links. in fact i got just under 11k links and not one is dead. Value: I have had "blasts" before and they dont match this guy. he just gets on and delivers the product in time and on budget, which lets face it is less than a family bucket at kentucky. bilbo, bhw member

Wishing You All the Wealth & Success, John, CEO of admin(at) Skype: john.doe4601 PS: Did you read above why 99% of websites fail to drive targeted traffic to generate money? Utilize the true potential of your website by using my automated Xrumer backlinks service now while you still reading and it’s fresh in your mind as good things don’t knock at your door again and again! Click here.

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